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Re-shaping the Healthcare landscape with digital technology towards new industry standards and growing technical needs.

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We devoted quite some time to the
implementation of complex robust tailored-made Healthcare Mobility and Management Solutions, so you focus on the things that matter the most.
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Quality assurance procedures are applied on all projects to ensure accuracy, consistency, and relevancy of data

99% accuracy

How we can help:

For companies of all sizes from startups to enterprises. We’ll deliver a tailor-made solution for your specific needs, or get the qualitative data feeds in accordance to your requirements.

We take care of the whole process from architecting the scraper, maintaining the data pipeline, to verifying the quality of data and its further segmentation.

We set and adjust our algorithms for the goals set by you, and automate web scraping. Robotic Process Automation elevates scraped data processing tasks which makes them a powerful combination for common business process automation.

The data-aggregation feature of our web-crawler helps clients get data from multiple sources in a single stream. This feature can be used by different sorts of companies, ranging from news aggregators to job boards.

We execute clusterization, segmentation, and structurization based on the given parameters for more efficient use in marketing and operations.

We don’t limit ourselves with industries or application cases, and are open to discuss any idea you have.

Challenges Healthcare providers face now

Transition to EMRs - inefficient interfaces and lack of communication between systems

-Transition to EMRs - inefficient interfaces and lack of communication between systems

Invoicing and payment processing

-Payment methods optimization and elimination of paper formats

Patient experience is inconsistent

-Centralized patient portal, CRM system

Why our clients choose us:

Technical partner for Startups and Midsize businesses. We have successfully completed 37 projects and helped multiple businesses to achieve their goals.

Experienced Team. 75% of our team are Senior Developers with more than 5 years of experience. That helps us to cut the production time by 13%.

Transparent financial framework. You will not come across any unexpected bills or hidden fees. We provide an approximate estimation of the cost, ranging from minimum to maximum

Quality is the main focus. We pick the application architecture and technologies that are most suitable for the product. Conducting a variety of tests during the software development life cycle, and carrying out load testing

Just-in-time project delivery. In 2021 we were able to deliver 100% of projects exactly as planned.

We always emphasize the importance of forming a long-term partnership with our clients. That’s why we have a 97% retention rate.

Examples of what we are capable of

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