Martial Arts School

This is how we helped creating martial arts school app

Tech stack

React Native, Node.js

Our role

UX/UI Design, Illustrations, Animations, Mobile Development, Web Development, Support

The Challenge

The client came to us with the clear idea of the product - to make an interactive book on Kyokushin karate. Beginning learners often get discouraged by complexities of the techniques. Even a simple movement affects multiple muscles, and keeping track of these specifics on your own is overwhelming.

We had to create a detailed, visualized, interactive, and real-time available mobile book with guidance, images, video lessons, and personalized advice. The goal is to make learning as seamless and intuitive as it would be in a class. Users should have a bigger picture of what's happening to their muscles during training sessions in order to perform techniques correctly.

Overview of interface and functionality

We faced the challenge by focusing on two directions: intuitive UI/UX design, on one hand, and responsive, fast, seamless functionality on the other. It was obvious early on that the app will work with huge volumes of data (text, images, videos) and we have to compress all these files in order for app to be fast and lightweight. The functionality should also be elaborate but not confusing - so even first-time online learners can get the hang of it.

3D body model

All techniques are visualized with a 3D animated character - a user can zoom in on skeleton, muscles, circulatory and nervous systems, and see internal organs. The application will show the technique from the external point of view (how it looks in the mirror) and from an anatomical perspective.

To achieve this, we integrated and compressed thousands of 3D images, researched anatomical structures, and worked on detailed representation of the human body.

Image rendering

To enable seamless upload of additional learning content, our team developed a custom image rendering system that allowed decreasing the size of multimedia content. Also, we improved the storage system, made sure it can quickly pull out requested files, tested CPU performance, and minimized its waste.

Multimedia pages

In the Kanku app, users get access to 4,500 pages with techniques, anatomical descriptions, real-time representation, proverbs, and motivational quotes. Theoretical models, practical advice, and encouraging content - App Kanku provides the combination of different learning approach.


The UI/UX design of the App Kanku was adapted to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We made sure that all text and multimedia content are correctly displayed in various sizes and orientation and created several screens for a single multimedia page.


To develop a successful Martial Arts School, our team integrated and compressed dozens of 3D models and tutorials, developed 4 screen versions, and created a custom image rendering system. The end result was an innovative learning application, available on Android, iOS, and tablet. Martial Arts School, despite offering so much content, is a lightweight software - 9 MB for Android, 13 MB for iOS. The end result was a profitable, usable, and useful app that teaches beginners the basics and advanced specifics of karate.