Booking system for a telemedicine solution.


The highly anticipated platform, breathes new life into the good old fashioned “doctor’s house call”, by giving patients the option of now having their medical marijuana evaluation conducted in the privacy of their own home, or location of their choosing, via a secure real-time, live-video connection.

Tech stack

ASP.NET MVC (Razor), Azure, Bootstrap, CSS, Entity Framework, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL, SignaIR, WEB API, Xamarin

Our role

UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Development, QA, DevOps

The Challenge

Project consists of Android, iOS and Web apps.
Mobile apps was created for users with the main purpose to register, search clinics/clinicians, book appointment, pay for it (feature is possible using Stripe 3rd party), message with doctors and clinics (real-time chatting).
Web application is created for admins and clinicians. In general all admins can register, invite clinicians to the system, manage bookings (approve, reject, propose), manage clinician, clinic dashboard, message with patients and clinicians. Also, admins have access to app statistics, using Zoho 3rd party. Clinicians can do the following: register, message with patients, admins and other clinicians, manage patient appointments, their own profile and patient appointment records.

The developed system enables users to book a hospital appointment, message doctors in real time, pay for appointments, as well as search and filter the information about clinics and medical professionals. Using Scrum approach we have a quality control of the flexible software development process.

Following booking system required a lot of integrations. The solution was integrated with such 3rd parties as JavaScript SDK, SendGrid REST API, Stripe library, Zoho REST API and Google Calendar API.


-Built an innovative platform for patient-doctor interaction supporting a variety of real-time communication & connection tools

-Simple booking process of hospital appointments via phone or browser

-Opportunity to message doctors in real time, pay for appointments, search and filter the information about clinics and medical professionals