Dedicated software development team

The software developers' team is the outsourced version of your in-house department. You can get from one to a few dozens of devs, QA engineers, designers, and other experts who will work on your project exclusively. The only difference is that they work from our offices. Respectively, you cut expenses on facilities and HR activities. Also, you can choose any suitable engagement level, from constant daily monitoring to regular result-focused reports about the offshore development team.


Receive first CVs of our specialists and start interviewing candidates within.


Chosen engineers will be available to start within.


To get rid of any doubts, check the quality of your team.

4 Business Days
14 Business Days
2 Weeks Trial

What we offer

Back-end developers
Project managers
Front-end developers
UI/UX designers
Full-stack developers
Business analysts
Data science and ML experts
Infrastructure specialists
Security experts
QA automation engineers
DevOps engineers
Mobile developers
Find your perfect development

Strengthen your software team with proven IT experts

Are you looking for some specific engineers or other experts to gather your offshore dedicated team? Running a project that requires strong expertise in AI or decent mobile knowledge? Realizing that your small and cozy team can’t handle the growing user demand? Then the dedicated software development team model is a must-have for you. Through staff augmentation, we find and onboard experts, merge them with your in-house team. You can forget about all the mess and focus on the core business.

We find, hire dedicated developers, and manage them. You get the extended team and see real results. That’s simple.

Team augmentation benefits with TerraBuilds

No infrastructure investment

Robust hardware, high level of cybersecurity, cutting-edge development software - we already have all this, so you needn’t think of infrastructure issues

Reduces time spent on recruitment

On average, finding a good IT specialist requires 1.5 months. Our staff consists of professionals only, and a specialist you choose will be ready to start working with you within 14 business days

Eliminates the additional costs of having

Outsourcing specialists allows you to save money on renting offices, organizing workplaces, buying coffee and cookies

Not bound by geographical limitations

We at TerraBuilds know that working beside each other is sometimes vital to achieve great results. We have over 2 development centers in European countries and the United States

Our Engagement models

The first step after initial discussions provides for finding, interviewing, comparing, and approving the team members based on your criteria. Your involvement may change. For example, we can review and choose the specialists together, you can do it on your own, or you can make the final selection only. As for hiring dedicated software developers, there are three options: bench (up to 2 days), pipeline (1-2 weeks), market (4-6 weeks).

After all the vacancies are filled, the team can start working. If you’ve chosen the extension option, new members should be onboarded, merged with your existing employees. In the case of the dedicated team from scratch, it meets your stakeholders, gets project detail, and starts completing tasks from our office.

Actual work can last pretty long. We ensure that dedicated software developers work properly, so you can get results on time, on scope, and on budget. You want to be sure that communication and collaboration are smooth. For this, we fulfill change requests, tune the team, help with motivation and extra activities.

Talking about changes and tweaks, feel free to ask us about them directly. You can quickly hire offshore developers or decrease the number of members according to the project requirements. You also can get new roles like PMs, BAs, etc. Extra support options like relocation, insurance, reporting are at your disposal, too.

What impacts your project duration
Key deadlines that show how quickly you need the project completed
Requirements and business goals of your company
Team composition and the availability of the required experts
The chosen technical stack and software
What affects your project costs
Licenses and technical costs related to the chosen stack
The chosen dedicated team hiring option
Urgency of the project, deadlines
Number and seniority of team members

What we need from your side

Be available for requirements gathering sessions

Share high-level project requirements and needs

Control and manage the dedicated team

Share project knowledge, goals, and roadmaps

Share specific docs like mockups or user guides

Our Engineering Tech Stack

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud
Microsoft Azure
React Native

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated development team?
It’s an approach to outsourcing. The idea is to extend your in-house team with offshore developers. These new offshore developers are onboarded and become the real part of your internal department. They just work remotely on your product.
How can I manage a dedicated team?
There are different options. Depending on your capabilities and wishes, you can participate in team management with different effort/time contribution. For example, you can handle it all yourself after hiring. Or you can leave it to us and focus on high-level monitoring only.
How do you scale up or down a dedicated team?
Scaling is possible in both directions. If you need more dedicated offshore developers or new qualifications, we scan our bench, check the recruitment pipeline, and look for experts on the market. In the case of downscaling, we can decrease the team’s size after an agreed transition period.

Examples of what we are capable of

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